Excess Susuk KB or KB Implants as contraceptives or implants under the skin is able to work effectively as long as 5 years.This disusupkan contraceptives under the skin of the upper arm. Susuk KB will not make you more youthful and well-liked by many people. However, this serves to prevent susuk pregnancy for those of you who do program KB.

Contains the hormone progestin Susuk KB which will prevent the ovaries release an ovum produced and thicken mucous in the mouth of the uterus so that it is difficult for sperm to pass through. The hormone progestin will also keep the lining of the uterus in order to stay thin, making it difficult for the egg successfully fertilized for sticking on the wall of the uterus.Susuk KB effectively prevents pregnancy up to 99%. This means that pregnancy can occur in less than 1 in 100 women who use this method of contraception.


  1. one (1) fruit, Utility tray With Stainless steel Cover, Locking and unlocking the mecanism. Size 350-380 (L) x 185-200 (W) x 75-120 (H) mm min., material thickness 0.8 mm, Stainless steel material quality standard 18 – 10/304.

  2. 20 (twenty) ampules, local anesthetic, 2% Lidocain without adrenaline 2 cc

  3. 20 (twenty) pieces, Scalpel blade, bayonet type no. 15, Stainless Steel CE marking Germany/satin finish dul.

  4. three (3) pieces, Stainless steel blade, the hilt (Handle surgical Knife size 3), CE marking Germany/satin finish dul.

  5. three (3) pieces, anatomical Tweezers, Stainless steel (standard pattern dressing Forcep, 5 ½ ") CE marking Germany/satin finish dul.

  6. three (3) pieces of artery Forceps delivery, Stainless steel, curved crile, mosquito, 5 ", CE marking Germany/satin finish dul.

  7. 6 (six) pieces, Stainless steel clamp Fixation Forceps delivery, pean, Straight 5 1/2, CE marking Germany/satin finish dul.

  8. 20 (twenty) pieces, non allergenic surgical tape 2 x 6 cm size packing of sterile individually.

  9. 20 (twenty) fruit, Auto Disable Syringe 3 ml 23 G needle, x 1 ¼ "

  10. 20 (twenty) pieces, Sterile disposable Duk, non woven fabric spundbond 70 grm, hole diameter 5 cm, length between 30 – 32 – 40 x 35 cm

  11. 30 (thirty) plug Handschone (gloves) sterile @ 10 pairs consisting of a size no. 6½, no. 7, no. 7½

  12. 6 (six) pack, Absorbent Gauze Ball 1 pack @ 12 pieces

  13. 1 (one) sachet, chromic gut with Paint needle 4/0 CE marking Germany

  14. one (1) fruit, mercury Tensimeter

  15. one (1) fruit, duplex Stethoscope

  16. 1 (one) piece of equipment made from u.s. Polister d. 600 black color with straps and zippers and penjinjing the inside coated with pure size adjusted to the content item, complete with paper "Implant Removal Kit" DAK Field KB 2014 " with the logo of the institution's Logo and BKKBN regencies and cities with the name SEGWAY-KB regencies and cities.

  17. Any one (1) set of goods packed in Outer carton (carton thick 6 mm minimum) that reads "Implant Removal Kit" DAK Field KB 2014 " with the logo of the institution of BKKBN and Logo of the counties and cities.

Nuha Medika Sarana other than manufacturers also became distributors who helped procure and sell products Juknis DAK BKKBN 2014 like: an Obgyn Bed BKKBN 2014 – Kie Kit BKKBN 2014 plus KKB – GenRe Kit BKKBN 2014 – Implant Removal Kit BKKBN 2014 – IUD Kit BKKBN 2014 Electric Sterilisator – IUD Kit BKKBN 2014 Sterilisator – Non-electrical Means PLKB BKKBN 2014 – BKB Kit BKKBN 2014 – APE Kit BKKBN 2014 – Desktop PC Computer BKKBN 2014 – Public Address BKKBN 2014 – Notebook BKKBN 2014 – Muyan KB BKKBN 2014 and Mupen KB BKKBN 2014. In addition, we also help give ease to all bidders in completing the requirements needed by the Committee the Tender Auctions such as:Licence PACK, guarantee the availability of technicians, Guarantee 100% new stuff, an ISO Certificate, CEO, CERTIFIED in a certificate, a diploma of electrical Medical Academy Personnel, pharmacists, Diploma Guarantee After-sale, registration of HEALTH, TKDN and others via Online Marketing Website, Facebook, Google, Online free advertising with national ministries to reach all corners in Indonesia or offline you can come directly to the Showroom Shop our Wellness Tools.


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